Haig Housing can offer a wide range of housing assistance and options. The main housing assistance currently provided is through properties to rent. Rents are generally in line with local social housing providers (Local Authorities, Housing Associations etc) and are significantly lower than private rental charges in the same area.  With over 1,400 properties spread throughout the UK, Haig's properties are, in the main, family-sized and suitable for general needs housing. Eligible ex-Service personnel and their families who find themselves in 'housing need' can apply. See Link 'How to Apply'

Our definition of 'Housing Need' is in line with that used by Local Authorities and can be broadly summarised as follows: Applicants may be homeless, threatened with impending homelessness, inadequately or inappropriately housed or in other housing need and without the financial resources to make their own provision by renting in the private sector or buying their own home

Please check the eligibility criteria on the pages 'How to Apply' before making an application.

We can also provide housing assistance in the form of specially adapted housing for injured and disabled Service and ex-Service personnel (whether wounded or injured on active Service or whilst ex-Service), We can offer various housing solutions including a shared ownership scheme and special needs housing aimed specifially at those who have been seriously injured and may qualify for Armed Forces Compensation Scheme funding. Each application is considered on an individual basis.

Haig is considered to be the foremost specialist organsiation for Service and ex-Service housing and is the Strategic Housing Partner for Help for Heroes. Please talk to our Housing Options Manager for any advice you might need. You can make contact through our contact form or by telephoning the main Haig telephone line on 020 8685 5777 and then choosing Option 0. If you have special housing requirements through injury or disability, you may like, in the first instance, to contact us either via the Contact Form or to have a discussion first please call 020 8685 5782.